Situational training for police officers

Immersion in Virtual Reality results in memorisation superior to other types of learning.


VRTS © training costs less than firing range training (no travel, preparation or ammunition needed).

Easy-to-use equipment.

The VRTS © device is easy to deploy and lightweight to transport.

Virtual Reality has become an essential tool for training police officers

Virtual Reality is a highly beneficial educational tool for police. It has already conquered all training fields, including:

– air and space flight simulators;
– the assessment of surgical techniques with no risk for patients,
– the progressive treatment of phobias such as fear of flying;
– architectural modelling of spaces to show to clients;
– the simulation of lab experiments in physics and chemistry;
– job interview prep drills, etc.
– It is even used by the military for danger-free training for soldiers or other operatives.
– Whatever the field, any situation can be scripted, adapted and reproduced an infinite number of times, with custom design at the instructor’s request.

Multiple Scenarios

Shooting Range

Multi User

TTI PJL Targets

Training specialists in the controlled
use of force.

In policing, it’s training and drills that determine an officer’s instant reaction to any given situation.

Now more than ever, police officers need to know how to de-escalate crisis situations. But even more importantly, they must be capable of switching to more forceful responses when required.

Police training with interactive scenarios

VRTS © goes well beyond precision shooting and weapons training.
More than just a computerised firing range or a simple simulator of use-of-force situations,VRTS © is a simulator of human interactions

The simulation tools in VR Training Solutions give police officers in training the opportunity to deal with complex situations and face real-time responses to their actions. They have all the options for de-escalation and/or use of force.

Legitimate use of force.

For the police, bulletin GPI 48 is unequivocal: the cornerstone of training on the controlled use of force is full compliance with the law and ethical standards.
The concept of legitimate use of force is governed by very precise legal criteria.

If they are not followed, the use of force can be categorised as a crime. To avoid any misuse of force – and the serious consequences that can result from it, VRTS © can be used to drill trainee police officers in how to assess their own perception of the situation and to adapt their actions to the reality of the potential threat.

Why should police use Virtual Reality for training?

Police officers in training can and do make mistakes and in law enforcement, mistakes can have serious consequences. With Virtual Reality, the risk of making mistakes is eliminated.

Our training solutions for police officers are 100% 3D, which means that everything is adaptable. Would you like tailored police officer training? We can create your scenario. Do you want hundreds of police officers to train using this scenario? All you have to do is restart the simulation as many times as you wish.

A Comprehensive tool for police instructors.

Each scenario can be made easier or more difficult during a session. At the end of each session, an effective debriefing process provides an opportunity for learning and improvement.

At any time, the instructor can analyse a trainee’s ability to de-escalate the situation.

Police officers can adjust the situation to fit their personality, their voice and their strategies, from de-escalation to the use of force.

Enhanced Responses to dangerous and demanding situations.

VRTS ©optimises simulation to allow police officers to test their judgement in realistic, emotionally charged situations.

Police training is becoming increasingly complex as it has to extend all the way from routine procedures to more problematic situations such as domestic disputes and violence and persons with mental illness or under the influence of psychoactive substances.

Police training in the use of force can no longer be confined to improving reflexes, developing muscle memory or maintaining a certain level of competence.

Today, police training has to equip officers with a veritable arsenal of decision-making tools, to prepare them for the emotional realities of the situations they will face.

On screen or in Virtual Reality.

Thanks to its tremendous flexibility of execution, the VRTS © immersive training system can be limited to a single-screen simulator with basic training weapons equipped with an IR laser (corresponding to weapons used by officers in the field).

HD video scenarios offer full emotional immersion, complete with decisions and debriefing tools for post-training analysis and performance review.

Adapted to your specific needs.

We take the time to understand your requirements, collaborating with police forces and their instructors to design and develop their ideal custom training solution.

VRTS © offers tools for analysis of trainee performance after each session and can create scenarios tailored to fit your needs.

Contact one of our specialists.

VRTS in short.

VR Training Solutions ©  immerse your police officers in demanding and dangerous situations in order to train and drill them in de-escalation techniques and the controlled use of force.

More realistic
More effective
Less expensive
No danger
Better performance

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